Top 5 Tips to Have Safe Threesome

Threesomes are exciting, and no one can argue against that. However, no matter what anyone says or thinks, where there is sex, there are dangers involved. While AIDS is one such danger, it is not the only thing you have to worry about. For instance, you cannot rule out the chances of accidental pregnancy! Therefore, we have decided to share a few tips that will help you have the safest threesome possible.

Know the Person

Sex with strangers is fun and adventurous but it takes a little contact to end the fun. Therefore, it is always recommended to pass such opportunities and try it with someone you know. While this reduces the chances of having a threesome by several folds, but it increased the safety bar of the threesome.

Birth Control Pills

What Nutella does to bread, birth pills do to sex – elevate pleasure! To make sure that none of the girls involved in the act gets pregnant, make use of a birth control pill. There are many types of birth control pills available in the market that you can use. However, it is always recommended to take a gynaecologist’s advice and word on the quantity and dosage. Stick to the schedule and you will not regret the pills.

Multiple Condoms

Condoms add an extra level of security to the amazing act of threesome. Even if the girl(s) are on pills, it is always recommended to use a condom. Now, how to do it in the case of a threesome? It depends on the participants. If there are two girls and one guy, it is recommended that both the ladies should use female condoms so that the guy can go places without having to change his suit. In case the ladies do not like the idea of using a female condom, the guy should change his condom every time he changes the hole. This can be time consuming and moment-breaking but remember ‘safety first’. However, in case there are two men and one girl, it is advisable that both men have the condoms on. In such a case, a female condom should be avoided as it can harm the guys sexually.

Set Rules

A threesome is like a game where everyone gets to enjoy their one or more fantasy. And like any other game, this one should also be played by rules. If you hate something, let the other two people know. If you do not want to be a part of a certain activity, tell them before you start. Likewise, if you like something specific, or have a certain fantasy, share that too. This way, all three parties will be clear with the needs and expectations and hence any unpleasant surprises, especially in the buttocks, can be avoided.

Emotional Well-Being

In continuation to setting the ground rules stated in above point, it is important to ensure that you are emotionally stable before and after sex. This is even more important when a threesome includes a couple. It has been observed that if the ground rules are not followed by either partner, the end result is not ‘great sex’ but ‘heartbreaking and emotional breakdown’. It is important for the couple to understand that the ‘single’ was here for fun and not for love and you did it for pleasure and not to lose each other.

Threesomes are amazing but at the same time, if the participants do not take enough precautions, a lot of things can go wrong.