Top 5 Tips to Have Safe Threesome

Threesomes are exciting, and no one can argue against that. However, no matter what anyone says or thinks, where there is sex, there are dangers involved. While AIDS is one such danger, it is not the only thing you have to worry about. For instance, you cannot rule out the chances of accidental pregnancy! Therefore, we have decided to share a few tips that will help you have the safest threesome possible.

Know the Person

Sex with strangers is fun and adventurous but it takes a little contact to end the fun. Therefore, it is always recommended to pass such opportunities and try it with someone you know. While this reduces the chances of having a threesome by several folds, but it increased the safety bar of the threesome.

Birth Control Pills

What Nutella does to bread, birth pills do to sex – elevate pleasure! To make sure that none of the girls involved in the act gets pregnant, make use of a birth control pill. There are many types of birth control pills available in the market that you can use. However, it is always recommended to take a gynaecologist’s advice and word on the quantity and dosage. Stick to the schedule and you will not regret the pills.

Multiple Condoms

Condoms add an extra level of security to the amazing act of threesome. Even if the girl(s) are on pills, it is always recommended to use a condom. Now, how to do it in the case of a threesome? It depends on the participants. If there are two girls and one guy, it is recommended that both the ladies should use female condoms so that the guy can go places without having to change his suit. In case the ladies do not like the idea of using a female condom, the guy should change his condom every time he changes the hole. This can be time consuming and moment-breaking but remember ‘safety first’. However, in case there are two men and one girl, it is advisable that both men have the condoms on. In such a case, a female condom should be avoided as it can harm the guys sexually.

Set Rules

A threesome is like a game where everyone gets to enjoy their one or more fantasy. And like any other game, this one should also be played by rules. If you hate something, let the other two people know. If you do not want to be a part of a certain activity, tell them before you start. Likewise, if you like something specific, or have a certain fantasy, share that too. This way, all three parties will be clear with the needs and expectations and hence any unpleasant surprises, especially in the buttocks, can be avoided.

Emotional Well-Being

In continuation to setting the ground rules stated in above point, it is important to ensure that you are emotionally stable before and after sex. This is even more important when a threesome includes a couple. It has been observed that if the ground rules are not followed by either partner, the end result is not ‘great sex’ but ‘heartbreaking and emotional breakdown’. It is important for the couple to understand that the ‘single’ was here for fun and not for love and you did it for pleasure and not to lose each other.

Threesomes are amazing but at the same time, if the participants do not take enough precautions, a lot of things can go wrong.

Three Rules To Having A Pleasant Threesome

Are there any specific rules to have a threesome? Can there ever be one? Of course, there are. A threesome isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not just the bang-bang followed by scampering.

Threesomes can, at times, emotionally hurt a lot more than an external affair. So use these three important rules each time you decide to bring in a third mate.


Threesome Rule One – Ground rules

Always have ground rules before you enter a ménage à trois. You don’t want your man to penetrate into the other woman, let him know that it’s off limits. You want the third person to leave as soon as the sex is over, let it be told. You may only end up feeling uncomfortable if you close your eyes and open them to see your woman kissing another man.

So whatever pisses you off or makes you feel awkward, apply ground rules and let all three of you know when things are going overboard. Remember, you do want to have happy times, not frustrated ones, after doing the deed.

Threesome Rule Two – Pleasure up

Everyone’s in it for their own pleasure, when you’re involved in a ménage à trois. But that doesn’t mean you should finish yourself up and sit down against the bed-post pouting and sulking about the crowded bed. Slow your pace and see that all the three involved are excited to be there. Even if your body is over one person, you still have your hands free, don’t you?

Try your best to see that all three of you climax almost together. If you can pull that off, you’ve got the ménage à trois thing going really smooth!

Threesome Rule Three – Play Safe

This is a good one, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. All three of you may be safe and clean off STDs, but there could be a good chance that one of you could be having a symptom that is in the dormant stage.

You don’t want things to go from good to bad, and bad to worse. So while having a threesome, make sure you stock a good pile of condoms on the bedside. Each time the man penetrates another woman, the condoms have to be replaced. And if you’re using hands, restrict one hand to each person’s privates, so you don’t play a part in the transmission. There may be no problems in the first place, but prevention is always way better than getting a disease with no cure, right?


To enjoy an effective trio, you have to know the genuine principles of the amusement.

Presently there are no firm principles, yet a couple of rules can help you have an awesome time.

The standard procedures of ménage à trois

To really establish a dream like a ménage à trois, you require a third individual who will impart the bed to you. It’s typically desirable over include somebody who’s not a companion or an associate. That is to say, truly, consider the possibility that your accomplice and your companion wind up meeting frequently and engage in sexual relations without you. Yet, on the other hand, if its trust and wellbeing that you think about while having a threesome, you could utilize a decent companion that you know won’t let the word spread.

couple dating

Solace is the way to a decent ménage à trois.

In any case, in the event that you need to ensure it’s a mystery that you and your accomplice take to the grave, take off on a getaway, and locate a decent looker who’s prepared for both of you! In any case, a single word of alert never at any point takes somebody whom you or your mate works with. The word will spread as well as the ménage à trois will transform into an undertaking!

In bed with the third individual

Presently at whatever point you’re including someone else in bed with you and your own significant other, the tenets are straightforward and quite often the same. You can read the guidelines for swinging to know all that you have to take after while including a third companion in bed.

After the ménage à trois

After you guys orgasm, let’s admit it, things are going to feel weird in bed. There you three are, lying in bed, and wondering what next!

If there’s just three singles involved, then by all means, stay back. There can always be another round in a while! But the best thing to do here is split up if there’s a couple involved. The couple stays together, and the single leaves.

For the couple, this is the time to talk about it, and cuddle up. If you haven’t realized it already, you’ve just banged another person while your mate was watching! So let your mate know that you’re still in love, and that was just sex. Great sex, of course! And another word of advice, don’t fall in love with the third person. It can happen. In most cases, it always does. Avoid contact unless it’s sex on your mind.